Listen to the Bridge

 Episode 6 — June 22

Listen to Soul Brown, Director of Books of Hope, describe this inspiring literacy empowerment project, hear four young artists read their dynamic and vibrant poems and discuss of poetry, life, and art with moderator Janet Gillespie: Upload Audio | Listen to Audio | The Bridge Books of Hope | YourListen.

Episode 1 – May 4th 
Interview with musician/composer, Dave Kobrenski from The Black Bear Moon Project. He will talk about what it is like to be an independent musician in the corporate climate of today’s music scene, his travels in West Africa to learn that country’s traditional music, and we will hear some truly spectacular Afro Funk Jazz.

Episode 2 – May 11th

Abe Rybeck discusses Theater Offensive’s Out in Your Neighborhood Strategy; we hear a song the True Colors Out Youth Theater’s latest production, and stories from some Boston elders of the Stonewall generation in TO’s spring production The Secrete History of Love. Listen here:


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