I grew up surrounded by the very rich culture and traditions of Scotland. I became an actress working on Scottish Television and with BBC TV and Radio. I became an activist at the age of thirteen and later worked with 7-84 Theatre Company (7%of the people own 84% of the wealth) I came to live in America twenty-five years ago and earn my living as an Alexander Technique Teacher. I do a little acting and have worked with Commonwealth Shakespeare Co, New Repertory Theater, Sugan Theater Company and Company One. I will be appearing in the new Ernest Thompson movie, Time And Charges.

Imagine a world where gradually over a few decades all the vibrant infinite hues of color have faded. It’s so gradual that no one notices and children grow up in this world never knowing that there was once an alternative to the washed out monochromic society they live in. I believe that this is exactly what the corporations have been doing to our culture for the last thirty years. Creating, THE BRIDGE is an attempt to put some of the diversity, the ‘color’ back into our culture, one show at a time.


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