The Bridge: Arts for the 99%

Howard Zinn writes in his essay Artists in Times of War, “…it is the job of the artist …to think outside the boundaries of permissible thought and dare to say things that no one else will say.” (1) Many artists of the 99% journey into this often forbidden and sometimes dangerous territory, leading us to hear truths that have been unspoken, and to see realities that have been hidden or overlooked.

It is one of the goals of The Bridge to highlight the energy and the vision of the arts, the artists, the arts educators, and the arts producers and administrators from the 99% in Boston  who “dare to say things that no one else will say.”

As we take this journey with these courageous artists, we find ourselves exercising our own powers of imagination as well as understanding.  By engaging with the work of these artists we become envisioners ourselves, and not only will we will find that from within ourselves another world is possible, we will also practice the very skills we need to envision and create another world, a more just and humane world. And with the vision, the understanding, and the skills the arts provide, we are indeed unstoppable.

1. Zinn, Howard. “Artists in Times of War.” Artists in Times of War, New York: Seven Stories Press, 2003. 14. Print.


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