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The Bridge: Arts for the 99% — July 27 — Lou Jones discusses his photo essay FINAL EXPOSURE: PORTRAITS FROM DEATH ROW

If you’ve ever wondered about the power of art to change minds and hearts, join us on The Bridge on Friday July 27 as Lou Jones, renowned Boston photographer, discusses his photo essay Final Exposure: Portraits from Death Row. For six years, Lou navigated the multiple complexities of the prison system to photograph death row inmates without barriers, without restraints, each in his or her own special environment. With his camera, Lou got closer to these individuals than their lawyers, and even their families. These intimate portraits capture each inmate’s distinct humanity, exposing the death penalty, in ways that words cannot, as a cruel and inhumane punishment. Final Exposure has changed viewers’ understanding of the death penalty, compelling many to believe, as Lou says, “murder, to address murder, is not a solution.”

Listen as Lou Jones describes the political agenda of the death penalty, the unfairness of the criminal (in)justice system regarding the death penalty, and ultimately how his photo essay Final Exposure: Portraits from Death Row, leads viewers to revise their thoughts and feelings about the death penalty.

View these photographs for yourself by clicking on “Final Exposure” at 


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July 13th show featuring Composer Audrey Drake and Arts At The Armory, Somerville


Through her inspired guitar playing and classically trained voice, Audrey Drake weaves the story of her life and connects with her audience. A powerhouse of emotion and subtlety of texture will keep you intrigued and raw emotions will draw you into her world. Her spirit will leave you wanting to know the intimate details behind her inspiration.  In this interview, Audrey describes very eloquently, her process as she composes and we discuss the question, why go out to hear live music?


In the second half of the show I share a retrospection on my favorite Film Director, Ken Loache, and visit Arts At The Armory, in Somerville, MA to check out what is going on at this recently renovated arts and community center
Mission & Vision
Given that artistic expression elevates a civil society, Arts at the Armory seeks to galvanize the creative spirit by providing a space where working artists and the community can come together.

Recognizing that art can bridge cultural, class and generational divides, Arts at the Armory showcases a wide range of visual arts, dance, theater and musical performances. Arts at the Armory is located in an historic armory that also provides studio spaces for artists, a cafe, galleries, two live/work artists units, two performance spaces, and offices for arts organizations.

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